Iranian Pharrell’s “Happy” Dancers Got Arrested

Unbelievable! Another sign of savagery from the criminal police of Iran! Iranian “Happy” dancers got arrested. After the Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” got globally popular, several videos of people from all around the world dancing with this song has been published on the net. The song became a symbol, a message of peace and happiness that is welcomed by people from different religions, races and ethnicity. Just like anybody else, Iranians embraced this idea and tried to send the same message of peace and happiness to the world. They made a video in which they simply dance and sing with the “Happy” song. Shockingly, today the Iranian official news channel showed a report on the arresting of all of those young dancers. They were being forced under the pressure of police to confess that they were patsies. The Iranian TV channel shows these young people handcuffed like criminals. Once again, the Iranian regime proved to the world that its empty slogans about sending message of peace and friendship to the world is nothing but a bunch of shameless lies. The international community should pay attention to such brutal violations of human rights in Iran while the Iranian government persistently tries to make up its ugly face in the eyes of public opinions.


Here is the link to the video of Iran’s news channel:


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