New American Terrorist Scenario: latest Episodes, Massachusetts shootings

“Two young men, armed with guns and explosives in what appeared to be backpacks, engaged in a violent standoff with dozens of police on a street in Watertown, Mass., Thursday night…” New York Times report said.
It could make a hell of a Hollywood low class action movie. But we are not living in a movie, are we?
Now it is getting more and more clear that there is a whole scenario behind these recent violences in order to fake a new brand evil giant. Why? Just keep your eyes on Gun Control Bill and watch how its failure changes into a success.

Mysterious shootings happen in Massachusetts , right after the funny image of a backpack survived from a super powerful explosion and new images of “two suspects” of Boston bombings, seemingly because of carrying backpacks and wearing hats, were released.
Apart from cinematic feature of the events, they are giving obvious ,even too obvious, codes supporting the Boston’s backpacker suspects. First, MIT shooting near “Boston”, then Watertown shooting: “Massachusetts”. “two young men”, with “backpacks” and “Bombs”.

New York Times didn’t mention how and why the shootings got started. We can ask ourselves,why would some one shoot a police officer in MIT and two men with guns, backpacks and bombs drive in a SUV around the city, right after Marathon Bombing?
Apparently one of these guys has been taken to the hospital (which I think he must die to make this scenario perfect and undiputable). So he could be possibly identified if he was one of the susupects of Boston bombings. But there has been no comment on this question. If there is no links between him and Boston bombings, then these guys are just unbelievable.
This new American terrorist series, started with Marathon bombings and continiues with Texas explosion and now MIT& Watertown shootings ,will soon bring out its evil antagonists. But whoever they might be, they are savior angels for GUN Control Bill, which is the first stage of turning United States into a total police state. And this one will make a hell of a Hollywood futurist movie.


11 thoughts on “New American Terrorist Scenario: latest Episodes, Massachusetts shootings

  1. As we pray for the victims of the Boston Marathon, I would ask all Christians to pray for Dzhokhar, this young man who they are looking for in Watertown MA. I know this sounds strange but as Christians we KNOW that only light can disperse darkness. We also need to realize he is not more than a CHILD..and he is somebody’s child. I pray God would speak to him to give himself up and pray that the officers would spare his life. We as American Citizens want to know the truth but moreover; as Christians we know that God will give him the opportunity for repentance if indeed he was involved in this horrific crime. Thank you, and God bless each of you and God bless America, Nancy

    • The best for them is to find that guy dead, or kill him before he can say anything about the whole story. Then they can easily talk on his behalf. Just look at press titles and new codes: Chechen, Russia, Immigrants, islamists. And just watch how it influences the Gun Control Bill, the Immigrant policies, new surveilance policies and middle east policy.

      • I totally agree Omid! I used to work for the Adult Protective Services at the local Government level. I have seen coverups and those who are so quick to judge or have a scapegoat. There are always “political agenda” involved. My son, Josh Allen, who has his MS in Gov. Admin. and myself, who has a BS in Crim/Victimology have always believed in Government agendas. We need to stay armed to protect ourselves from the Government. History does repeat itself.

  2. Omid,I know as parents we don’t always know what is going on in our child’s life. Sometimes we like to believe all is well or whatever they tell us. However; in saying that, this young man deserves his day in court. A FAIR hearing. This is difficult for any American Citizen. Being a parent; I do have great empathy for his father. I also have great empathy for the victims of this crime and their families. Anytime we loose a loved one, especially suddenly, it is excruciating painful. From a mother’s perspective, I would say that loosing a child is almost too much for anyone to bear; two children completely overwhelming. I have to imagine that when the circumstances are not understood or your child has committed such a crime it would be something close to paralyzing. It is unjust and unfortunate that the Media has already convicted these young men. (It happens to many poor and or minority people in the U.S.) I pray that their father is right and that his son lives to tell his side of the story. If so I also hope that his father has the money to pay for a good lawyer. Thanks for sharing Omid..May God be with you, Nancy

    • I agree with you Nancy. My heart is with the victims of this tragedy, all of them. And I think the best way to show our empathy is to help to find out the truth and don’t let their death being manipulated by politicians. I think the whole story proved that we are still living in a mad world. When everything is just an spectacle. people get amused of such tragedies. I could see the excitement in people’s eye when they were watching the explosion movies or the manhunt. As if it is all a night show. They share wach moment of fear and death on their pages with joy and hideuos pleasure. They don’t care about the truth they only care about a hot story and that is whay the power can easily deceهve them distract them and use them. When I saw hundreds of students in Cambridge cheering and celebrating for police. I just remembered the students of 60’s and 70’s in America and I saw nothing in common between these two. American students used to be clever, politically and socially aware and they used to doubt the power’s tricks. But what I saw last night..well it was just people who belives and accepts whatever is offered them. it is just a shame. Thank you Nancy for showing me that there are still people who can love other people and condemn the evil and still don’t let the power uses their emotions in its favor.

  3. Hi , what a great article ,as you said the Boston incident was unclear from the beginning and there exists this vague feeling that some thing is not wrong, for instance if you remember it was in the news that an Arab guy was arrested by FBI at the beginning and then noting! ,I just want to give you this link: , Although this site is obviously is managed by Mossad and usually in case of Iran Atomic program (99 % of articles) is full of conspiracy theory and none sense but some times you can find some interesting and partly true explanations.

    • Hi buddy! I am glad you liked it. I still insist that Tsarnaev story is rubbish. it stinks to heavens. I saw that website I don’t agree with that as well. That article is trying to use the event in order to bring the Saudis and Jihadis into the story. It is acuatlly support the U.S story in another way. What I am saying is that if any kind of those Jihadi worthless maniacs where behind this event they would claim the responsibility. Actually if anybody except the U.S government had done that attack, he would take the responsibility, becasue as the all experts said it was a successful attack, and otherwise killing some innocent people without any message or declaring it as a revenge is just pointless. I am saying the whole thing is a false falg to support the Gun Control Bill and intensifying surveilliance and also refuel the War on Terror which was cooling down.

      • You are right, no one claims any responsibility beside these Jihadist organizations and their supporters are concentrating on toppling Syrian regime and obviously they don’t want to bother USA right now and it can back up your story, we should see whether there is any explanation from captured suspect or he is going to die in the hospital!

  4. Well, the fact that the U.S. investigators used a loophole in the “Miranda Act” sounds even more suspicious. The boy is entitled to his rights until he is; or if he is found guilty. Unfortunately there are many :loopholes” in U.S. laws. Please don’t get me wrong. The U.S. is a better place to live and we enjoy more rights than many other countries. I just would like to see Justice prevail. Otherwise every U.S. citizen in in jeopardy of loosing his constitutional rights.

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